Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Stardock: A Must for the Colorblind

I'm partially colorblind, and a few months ago, I became really sick of the standard Windows XP themes, that all are either really annoying, or use colors that I have trouble seeing.

About 6 months ago, I decided to look for a solution. I started with the standard windows XP theme sites. During the search, I managed to trip across: Stardock ... It took a while sorting through the hundreds of available themes, but finally I found Cha-Ninja. It works great for my particular version of color blind (I can't distinguish between blues and purples or between greens and browns) and I happen to like the aesthetics as well.

So, all of you who happen to be colorblind, or partially colorblind. Take a look at Stardock. Even their free packages can make windows a much friendlier place for the color challenged. I've purchased their full suite and have no intention of ever giving it up.

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Troy said...

I'll second that Stardock and its assorted add ons are great. I'm not color blind and use a different theme. My biggest complaint with any display deals with DPI issues, but I haven't taken the time to see how much of that I can attack with skinning software such as Stardock. Font sizes seem only to adjust window title fonts and menus.