Friday, January 11, 2008

Lightning Autos, a British version of Tesla?

Ligtning Motors is similar to the American Tesla corporation, producing high performance, all electric sports cars.

The Lightning GT/GTS is slated for initial deliveries to end customers in 2008.

Some key specs: 0-60 4 seconds, horse power: 700 BHP(GTS version), crusing range 250 Miles(GT Version), recharge time about 10 minutes.

Uses nanotube based lithium ion batteries that Lightning claims have higher energy density, faster recharge times, last longer (12 years versus 3-4 years) and last but far from least, are much safer (i.e. less likely to burst into flame).

Each car is custom made, so supply is extremely limited, but like the Tesla, it proves that the technology is nearly ready for true plug-in electric cars.

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