Monday, November 05, 2007

LTB Q-BEAN-STB Wireless Stereo Headphone

I've been looking off and on for a decent wireless headphone solution for listening to TV at home without disturbing my family.

Last week, I found the LTB Q-BEAN-STB -- A wireless adapter that plugs into the headset of your Audio Video system and broadcasts true stereo to a small reciever.

The receiver is worn on a lanyard around the neck or pinned to clothing. You then plug your normal Stereo headphones into the receiver.

My package arrived last week and this weekend during the football games was my first chance to give it a try.

The BEAN has a rechargable battery. The base station is either powered by the same cable that charges the BEAN or by 3 AAA batteries.

My initial impression is very positive. The bean works well, sound quality for TV was excellent, and there were no interruptions anywhere in my house. The AV system is located on the main floor in the front of the house, and I was able to go upstairs and to the basement without any interference.

Two big thumbs up.

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